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SPAN's Parent Training and Information Center is funded in part or whole by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs Grant No. H328M070007. The contents of the website, however, and any documents cited herein do not necessarily reflect the views or polices of the U.S Department of Education.

SPAN provides statewide training and technical assistance for families of children with developmental delays or disabilities or those who are at risk for academic failure due to poverty, limited English proficiency, inadequate education, special health, emotional or other needs. Our services and programs are many. Following is a description of the early intervention and special education services available through the PTI.

-     Through telephone technical assistance, information and referrals, printed materials and trainings for parents and professionals in all areas of early intervention and special education, the PTI can assist you in becoming an advocate for appropriate early intervention, education, and transition services for your children. We do not have the capacity to attend IFSP or IEP meetings, mediation conferences or impartial hearings with the exception of families served under the Community Education Project.

     COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROJECT: targets under-served families in four Essex County communities (Newark, East Orange, Orange and Irvington). The CEP staff offers case management and in some cases, ongoing, intensive services over an extended period of time. CEP staff CAN attend a limited number of meetings with families and may support families at mediation conferences and impartial hearings. The goal is to increase every family's capacity to advocate on behalf of their own children.

    -     SPAN RESOURCE PARENT PROGRAM: is comprised of trained volunteers who in most cases, have children with disabilities. The volunteers, parents and/or professionals, are provided with extensive training and ongoing support. They understand the dynamics of the systems that serve children with developmental delays and disabilities in their community and have first hand knowledge of and experience with local resources. There are a variety of ways in which an SRP may volunteer their time. Some people may choose to accompany parents to IFSP/IEP meetings to support them. The majority of resource parents provide telephone technical assistance ONLY.

MULTILINGUAL CENTER AT CATHOLIC FAMILY & COMMUNITY SERVICES: offers telephone technical assistance and provides weekly bilingual workshops and monthly parent support group meetings. They also have printed materials in Spanish. The staff may accompany parents to school meetings because a large portion of their clients cannot advocate on behalf of their children due to their lack of English proficiency.

SPAN employees are NOT attorneys and DO NOT provide legal advice. SPAN's ultimate goal is to empower families through education, thereby increasing their capacity to be engaged and effective in every aspect of their child's education.

The following workshops are offered assist families in obtaining the information they need to become advocates for their children.  If you or your parent group is interested in sponsoring any of these topics, please contact us at or 973-642-8100 ext. 106.

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The SPAN Resource Parent training consists of approximately 20 hours of initial training, designed to train individuals to be able to assist parents of children with disabilities. Resource Parents help families in understanding their rights and responsibilities under federal and state early intervention and special education laws. The goal of this training is to recruit volunteers to staff resource centers in every county in the state in order to provide telephone technical assistance and a place where parents can meet to discuss any issues or concerns they may have about their child's education and development. Each center is provided with printed materials and other resources that are available to all families and professionals.