NJ Family Care is…

A Federal- & state-funded health insurance program which helps uninsured children receive affordable health coverage

Available based on family size & monthly income (not assets)

NJ Family Care is…

health insurance for New Jersey’s uninsured children

not a welfare program

for working families who cannot afford to buy health insurance privately

NJ Family Care Costs…

Plan A: Medicaid

(encourage families to apply at CBOSS in case they’re eligible for other services)

Plan B: no premium or copay

Plans C&D: premiums & copays up to 5% of family income

NJ Family Care Eligibility…

Children 18 & under

Legal permanent residents of state or other qualified immigrant status (regardless of date of entry)

Only children who have been uninsured for 6 months or longer (except if Plan A eligible)

NJ Family Care
Covered Services…

Doctor visits



X-rays, laboratory & other diagnostic tests



Mental health services

Dental care for most children